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Planning Ahead - Part Two

Posted by Brandie Yerzak on

Hiya Friends! In continuing my series, "Planning Ahead- The Major Keys to Disney Success" I bring you Part Two: Outfit Planning.
  My favorite part about going into the parks is getting the chance to show off my super cool Disney clothes, and brag about all of the lovely Magical Makers that allow me to show off my Disney side both in the parks and at home. But, there's no better feeling than knowing that your ears and your shirt are on point and matching, hence the importance of planning ahead!
Did you know that a lot of our ears are inspired by t-shirt shops? Here at EFS we don't make t-shirts because there are so many amazing shops out there that are already crushing the game, i.e. our pals over at Grey Stuff & Co. and Rachel Walter Designs . However, perfect matching is a priority for us, so we do our best to make it easy for you too.
I am officially 15 days away from leaving for my trip and I have been packed for the past ten days. Crazy? Maybe. Prepared? You bet. The way I pack for my trips is by first making a schedule of each activity I have scheduled for my day while I'm in the parks. I tend to split my days into morning, afternoon and night (but more on this next week), and my outfits as AM and PM. The weather can change super drastically in Orlando at any time, so my usual packing rule of thumb is to bring a pair of shorts and pants for every day, and one shirt per day, unless we have dinner reservations (For which I try to dress a bit nicer for). 
I do check a bag of luggage as well as bring a backpack with me on the flight, thus facilitation my method of packing, but I do find that this prevents me from overpacking too badly. Nothing frustrates me more than when I end up not wearing half of the clothes I packed for a trip! 
In addition to my AM and PM outfits, I do bring extra clothes just in case. I find that packing extras such as leggings and a lounge/ resort only outfit makes it easier for me to stick to my packing schedule so that I don't end up wearing outfits that I intended for the parks around my resort. However, that isn't all I pack as I do always bring the Disney essentials such as bathing suits, a raincoat and shoes that will allow me to get through long park days. 
One of the best parts about planning my outfits is advance is getting to match my outfits to ears, so I don't have to worry about bringing extra, not enough, or being tempted to buy an extra pair in the parks (Because I definitely don't need any more)! After all, sometimes ears are the perfect way to add a little bit of extra magic to any occasion:
(Shirt from Happily Ever Tees, Ears are ours!)
I hope that you found my packing hacks helpful, and let us know in the comments if you have any packing hacks of your own that we should be using!
Until next week,
Minion Danielle 


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